Matt Hawley – Owner

This story starts when I was 7 years old..  when I realized that I could put my own art on a t-shirt and asked my mom to go buy me fabric markers.  Fast forward through high school, I had already gotten a number of opportunities to design shirts and saw my art professionally printed. I was hooked! Once I got my first screen printing job, I had all the equipment available to make my own shirts! What else could a guy want??

I didn’t know it then, but for the next 12 years I would work in 5-6 different shops, gaining all sorts of training and experience in shops all around the NW seeing what works and what doesn’t. I feel incredibly blessed to have found this line of work and greatly appreciate your business. I will do everything I can to make sure you have a great experience
JIK Printshop Sign

JIKface Clothing

Here’s the truth. God opened up an opportunity and I worked my ass off for it. I’m still working my ass off, and I love it! JIKface Clothing used to be called Powell Ink. The Powell family are my second family. They believed in me and gave me a chance to buy the business even though I had no money.  Since June 2016 I began running the company as Powell Ink, to earn a down payment and prove that I could run the company myself.  As of January 2017, I became the owner of the newly named, rebranded printshop.  Of course, I named it what I had always imagined my printshop would be named, JIKface Clothing! I used to dream about having my own printshop, but it seemed so impossible unless there was some crazy miracle.. I cant express clearly enough how much of a miracle this whole journey has been, it blows my mind.